Morgan Raffray

Morgan joined Vertigo Lab mid-November 2020 with experience in developing technical tools to inform public policies and other stakeholders. He received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 2016 from an American university in Minnesota, which he completed with a master’s degree in environmental science and policy, a double degree offered by Sciences Po Paris and University Pierre et Marie Curie. Following his internship at Centrale Nantes on innovation strategies for the deployment of marine renewable energy technologies, Morgan worked for two years at the Center for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London. There, he modelled the impact of the EU 27 + 2 (United Kingdom and Switzerland) decarbonization scenarios on world mineral reserves for the H2020 EUCalc project. He also developed an online decision making tool for advanced biofuels, which is a data dashboard that incorporates the results of the Advancefuel project on biomass availability, conversion technologies, market uptake and policy. At Vertigo Lab, he currently works on developing technical analytical tools to assess the socio-economic and environmental impacts of the blue economy in the Atlantic arc.