Céline Jacob

Céline holds a PhD in geography from Montpellier University on the application of biodiversity offset to the marine realm and a MSc in environmental sciences from AgroParisTech. As an environmental geographer, she is interested in environmental governance systems with a particular focus on marine conservation. Her interdisciplinary work drawing from geography, economics and ecology investigates the sustainability of economic development. Her research explores assessment tools related to the maintenance costs of natural capital and impacts and dependency of the private sector on biodiversity and ecosystem services. She was a post-doctoral fellow at Ifremer (Brest) on the Economic and Social Analysis of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and at University of Quebec in Outaouais (Canada) researching the recent introduction of ‘No Net Loss’ for wetlands and streams in Quebec and the resilience of coastal populations to climate change in the Gulf of St Lawrence. Celine joined Vertigo Lab in October 2020 to work on issues related to the blue economy.