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We design and unroll our assessment and impact analysis tools for the following thematics: biodiversity, marine ecosystems and marine protected areas management, territorial anchoring and agriculture.

Modelling restoration of wetlands for carbon pathways, climate change mitigation and adaptation, ecosystem services, and biodiversity co-benefits

Ecosystem services valuation in Antigua and Barbuda

Integrated management for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands: Economics of Nature-based Solutions

Integrated management for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands: Economics of Nature-based Solutions

Social and environmental evaluation of black sand mining in Mauritania

Comparative analysis of ‘green’ versus ‘grey’ infrastructures in urbanism

Blue economy in Saint-Brieuc

Socio-economic and environmental impacts of biomimicry

Economic impact and growth potential of cycling in France

Study on European fishing quotas for the Green-EFA Group of the European Parliament

Innovative financing tools and mechanisms for biodiversity conservation

Study of higly beneficial practices in favour of a sustainable and solidarity-based food system, in particular market gardening

Food system resilience of the municipality of Bordeaux

“Nature as an asset for the attractiveness and resilience of rural areas” – Nature prospective

FANBEST: Funding Atlantic Network For Blue Economy Technology Transfer

NEPTUNUS: eco-innovation and circular economy strategies in the Atlantic Area

Integrating Natural Capital into Government Post-COVID Economic Decision-Making

Socio-economic impact assessment of bioinspired solutions for sustainable building

Study of innovative funding mechanism for coral reefs

Territorial impact assessment of the engineering school Centrale Marseille on the local economic development and attractivity

Socio-economic impact assessment of the agricultural sector of Bordeaux Métropole

Prefiguration study for the creation of a marine biomimicry hub

Identification of development levers for organic aquaculture in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Socio-economic study of the developement potential of biomimicry in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Towards greener fiscality and public subventions in New-Caledonia

“Les Vignerons de Buzet”, a company inspired by the living

Sustainable financing of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean

Implementation of the RESCCUE project in New Caledonia – Grand Sud pilot site

Elements of economic impact of halving food waste in France

Evaluation of mangrove protection by the Conservatoire du littoral

Local and complementary currencies: state of play, environmental impacts and economic efficiency

Expertise for EU Fisheries Areas Network FARNET