In 2019, ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) has entered into a partnership with the CEEBIOS (the European Centre of Excellence in Biomimicry), recognising the strength of the biomimetic approach, based on inspiration from nature, to develop new innovative and sustainable services. Based on interdisciplinarity and the careful examination of natural phenomena and organisms, biomimicry can be fully integrated in an ecological transition prospective.

In this context, Vertigo Lab has been mobilised to conduct socio-economic impact studies, which contribute to the operational implementation of biomimicry in France. In order to shed light on the French bio-inspired actors and to offer a concrete vision of the benefits of such solutions, this mission aims to evaluate the socio-economic and environmental impacts of biomimetic solutions that are representative of the national entrepreneurial dynamic. The final ambition of this study is to promote the innovation potential of these technologies on the national territory.

This study is organised into 3 phases:

  1. Identification of bio-inspired solutions;
  2. Evaluation of the socio-economic and environmental benefits and costs of these solutions;
  3. Evaluation of the potential of biomimicry in France.


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Amélie Colle, Manager & Consultant –
Jean-Christophe Martin, Consultant –

Client: CEEBIOS (the European Centre of Excellence in Biomimicry)

Date: 2021