Given its position between local authorities and the financial sector, the Banque des Territoires can play a major role in the short and medium term in favour of biodiversity conversation, through its traditional investments and innovative financing tools focused on biodiversity. In this context, this study objective is to mobilise existing investment tools in favour of biodiversity and to identify innovative financial mechanisms likely to contribute to biodiversity preservation.

The study will be conducted in three stages:

  1. Inventory of investment projects and assessment of needs at the national level;
  2. Benchmark of innovative investments for biodiversity financing at national and international levels (study of about forty projects, then targeted in about fifteen case studies);
  3. Developing a methodology to support the implementation of biodiversity-related investment projects. Vertigo Lab brings its specific skills in evaluation and impact measurement tools to place biodiversity at the centre of the strategies of public and private players.




Thomas Binet, Director & founder –
Clémentine Anglada, Manager & consultant –
Florine Delesse, Consultant



Client: Caisse des Dépôts

Date: 2021