How to operationalize the uptake of Nature-based Solutions in decision-making processes? How to assess NbS socio-economic benefits to enhance their upscale in the Mediterranean? This approach was conceived, implemented, and capitalized during the two years of the project.

Along with the partners of the project – BirdLife, IUCN, MEDSEA, SEO/BirdLife – Vertigo Lab received MAVA Foundation’s support for key missions, with the aim of making knowledge and NbS more concrete for decision-makers:

  • TESSA Toolkit review: modules to reinforce the methodology with our knowledge and experience on ecosystem services assessment,
  • Conservation practitioners support in ecosystem services, NbS assessment and Cost-benefit analysis: a continuous training for two partners managing coastal sites in Sardinia (MEDSEA) and in Spain in Bahia de Cadiz (SEO/BirdLife),
  • Capitalization on the experience: guidelines establishment to draw conclusions and a concrete pledge on the economic opportunity of NbS and their economic assessment methodology.

In parallel, a series of webinars were organized in collaboration with the partners. It aimed to share experience and enhance a diversity of stakeholders in NbS assessment to support their implementation.

Project results

The project enabled to develop an argument and a decision-aiding toolkit to assess ES and make a Cost-benefit Analysis. It also provides the means to demonstrate the economic opportunity of NbS. Those results are presented in the following documents:

  1. Guidelines “The economics of Nature-based Solutions – Opportunities for Mediterranean coastal wetlands”

Part I – Nature-based Solutions: implementation state of the art and key challenges to unleash operationalization: available here

Part II – Handbook for a socioeconomic and environmental assessment of Nature-based Solutions: available here

NB : This second part comprises the public version of the toolkit proposed by Vertigo Lab. For full guidance and/or support in NbS socio-economic assessment, please get directly in touch with us.

  1. Policy brief – Making the right decisions for nature: a practical guide to implement Nature-based Solutions

This document targets policy-decision makers, public and private investors. Its ambition is to convince decision-makers to plan, implement and invest resources in NbS, with a final goal to make them more operational and systematize their uptake. It was developed thanks to the financial support of the MAVA Foundation as part of a project aiming to increase knowledge about the economic and business features of Nature-based Solutions (NbS).

It provides tools and arguments of interest for investing resources, planning, and carrying out the necessary conditions to implement NbS. Based on the study of existing literature as well as experience feedbacks in NbS assessment for operationalization, it is intended to fill the gap in guidance for the implementation of NbS.

Download the document here

  1. Webinars series

Webinar 1: The economics of NbS: Basic principles of Ecosystem Services and Nature-based Solutions assessment – available here

Webinar 2: The economics of NbS: Cost-benefit analysis methodology and case studies – available here

Webinar 3: Towards a Nature-based Solution economy – available here


Clémentine Anglada, Consultant Researcher, Manager –

Selma Benzekri, Consultant Researcher –

Florine Delesse, Consultant Researcher –


MAVA Foundation, Birdlife International, IUCN, MEDSEA, SEO/Birdlife

Sponsor: MAVA Foundation

Date : 2020-2022