How to operationalize the uptake of Nature-based Solutions in decision-making processes? How to assess NbS socio-economic benefits to enhance their upscale in the Mediterranean? This approach was conceived, implemented, and capitalized during the two years of the project.

Along with the partners of the project – BirdLife, IUCN, MEDSEA, SEO/BirdLife – Vertigo Lab received MAVA Foundation’s support for key missions, with the aim of making knowledge and NbS more concrete for decision-makers:

  • TESSA Toolkit review: modules to reinforce the methodology with our knowledge and experience on ecosystem services assessment,
  • Conservation practitioners support in ecosystem services, NbS assessment and Cost-benefit analysis: a continuous training for two partners managing coastal sites in Sardinia (MEDSEA) and in Spain in Bahia de Cadiz (SEO/BirdLife),
  • Capitalization on the experience: guidelines establishment to draw conclusions and a concrete pledge on the economic opportunity of NbS and their economic assessment methodology.

In parallel, a series of webinars were organized in collaboration with the partners. It aimed to share experience and enhance a diversity of stakeholders in NbS assessment to support their implementation.

Project results

The project enabled to develop an argument and a decision-aiding toolkit to assess ES and make a Cost-benefit Analysis. It also provides the means to demonstrate the economic opportunity of NbS. Those results are presented in the following documents:

  1. Guidelines “The economics of Nature-based Solutions – Opportunities for Mediterranean coastal wetlands”

Part I – Nature-based Solutions: implementation state of the art and key challenges to unleash operationalisation: available soon

Part II – Handbook for a socioeconomic and environmental assessment of Nature-based Solutions: available soon

NB : This second part comprises the public version of the toolkit proposed by Vertigo Lab. For full guidance and/or support in NbS socio-economic assessment, please get directly in touch with us.

  1. Policy brief – Scaling up NbS: economic and business argument to enhance investment

This document targets policy-decision makers, public and private investors. It aims at convincing decision-makers to plan, implement and invest resources in NbS, with a final goal to operationalize their upscale.

To be published in September 2022

  1. Webinars series

Webinar 1: The economics of NbS: Basic principles of Ecosystem Services and Nature-based Solutions assessment – available here

Webinar 2: The economics of NbS: Cost-benefit analysis methodology and case studies – available here

Webinar 3: Towards a Nature-based Solution economy – soon available


Clémentine Anglada, Consultant Researcher, Manager –

Selma Benzekri, Consultant Researcher –

Florine Delesse, Consultant Researcher –


MAVA Foundation, IUCN, Birdlife International, MEDSEA, SEO/Birdlife

Sponsor : MAVA Foundation

Date : 2020-2022

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