Thomas Binet

Thomas Binet is an environmental economist (PhD from the University of Portsmouth, UK). He holds a master’s degree in fisheries sciences and graduated from French agricultural engineering school Agro ParisTech. He has worked within the OECD as a natural resources policy analyst, dealing specifically with fisheries management. He later joined the Institute for European Environmental Policy as a policy analyst. For several years, he has been involved in economic valuation of ecosystems as a researcher within the Center for Economics and Management of Aquatic resources (CEMARE) at the University of Portsmouth.

In 2011, Thomas founded Vertigo Lab ( He has specialized on measurement of socioeconomic and environmental impact of strategies and policies, the evaluation and design of sustainable public policy, the economic leverages to the ecological transition of businessbusiness model and innovative tools for bioinspired decision-making. Thomas has an expertise in subjects related to biodiversity financing, sustainable farming, climate change, circular economy, blue economy. He also runs the 70 ha family farm that produces figs, walnuts, grapes for winde production, cereals.