Vertigo Lab coordinates the European project LEAN – Learning on Entrepreneurship and Agriculture for New farmers. This Erasmus+ project brings together 6 European partners and aims to :

  • Create an e-learning programme with modules on both agronomic knowledge (agroecology and organic farming) and entrepreneurial skills;
  • To provide quality educational content for future new farmers to help them set up and develop their farms according to agroecological and organic farming principles;
  • To promote knowledge sharing through concrete examples of good practices and success stories of European farmers.


After two years of partnership, the LEAN project has produced 10 training modules and 15 farmer portraits to set up in agroecology. Available in 6 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish), this training programme was shared by each country during dissemination events organised from July to October 2020.

Everything can be found in the lean project website.


Amélie Colle, Manager & Consultant –
Marie-Anne Paulin, Consultant –


VetAgroSup (FR)

Client: Erasmus +

Date: 2018-2020